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“…superior food quality, menu innovation, and attention to detail from Toronto's best caterer.”
“L-eat Catering continues to do a fantastic job in catering service, quality and presentation.”
Penny, Toronto
“Food presentation was perfect and everything went off without a hitch.”
“…thank you so much for helping to make this very special event in my family’s life SO MEMORABLE!”
“Once again L-eat Catering came through with an amazing event!”
Sharon Cookie Sandler
“L-eat provides excellent customer service to all their clients and ensure their catered events are well managed and run smoothly.”
Temple Sinai
“I can't thank you enough for an AMAZING night of food. Everything was FABULOUS. I am so impressed...”
“Event staff are always professional, punctual and a delight to be around.”
Toronto Botanical Garden
“…they continually promise and deliver high caliber menus…”
Ontario Science Centre
“What also made Saturday so special were you and your staff. Everybody was so friendly, personable and caring.”
“We couldn’t keep up with the compliments we received from our guests about the catering at our 20th anniversary event.”
“I'm so glad we chose to use you guys. Thank you for everything, you made our Toronto wedding catering first-class!”

The Team

L-eat Catering consists of a team of 35 full-time staff and 25 part-time staff that keep the wheels of this machine rolling. Among us you'll find our Founder, Catering Director, 6 Sales Managers, 2 Accountants, a Staffing Agency (with 50+ subcontractors), Executive Chef, Butcher, 13 Sous Chefs/Prep Cooks and Pastry Chef/Cooks, and 3 Drivers. Here are a few of the recognizable faces you'll be working with at L-eat Catering.

Tony Loschiavo

Founder – L-eat Group (L-eat Catering, PAESE)

Who would have thought providing sandwiches to busy hairdressers in downtown Toronto would lead to a multimillion-dollar catering and restaurant business. But that’s the story behind Tony Loschiavo’s L-eat Catering.

Tony's love of all things culinary began while serving at established restaurants, notably Fenton's, and Noodles in the Windsor Arms Hotel.

Then in 1983, helped by his mother, Nazzarena, the two made sandwiches in their cantina and sold them to beauty salon stylists. Delivering them with flare, dressed in a tuxedo and driving his ’68 powder blue Volkswagen Bug, the food was so enticing salon clients were soon inquiring about this new caterer, commissioning his services for their house parties. Thus, the business began to grow. Today, L-eat Catering executes approximately 750-staffed events per year, and completes over 1750 food orders annually.

Tony is a veteran restauranteur, chef and caterer, as well as certified sommelier, who also owns and operates PAESE ristorante.

Most Memorable/Challenging Moments in Catering

One of my favorite and long time clients like to host themed parties at his summer home. These parties are completely custom from start to finish including authentic themed menus, décor, lighting, a dj from New York, live animals, and on and on….

One year power was lost across the entire Eastern seaboard, a few days prior to their event. This could have been disastrous, however the power eventually returned with not nearly enough time to rebuild this event. Thankfully my kitchen crew, staff and suppliers worked diligently throughout the night and the party went off without a hitch. No power meant that we worked mainly by candlelight and used the precious electrical power, through the use of generators to keep the food refrigerated. This was the most challenging event I have faced in my 30 year career.

Favourite L-eat Dish

Beet caprese. I think the combination of cooked beets, pickled beets, and shaved raw beets matches perfectly with the flavour of the mozzarella di bufala.


Challenges as a Caterer

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Deirdre Anderson

Director of Catering, L-eat Catering

L-eat’s Director of Catering for over a decade, Deirdre is responsible for customer service, event supervision & execution, marketing, and training of the sales force.

Deirdre previously worked as Catering Manager for Senses Catering, Movenpick Head Office and Movenpick Marchelio (BCE Place). She has earned her Canadian Food & Beverage Management certificate and level-one wine knowledge from George Brown College.

A true lover of entertaining with a keen eye for design, Deirdre is instrumental in directing the overall design for L-eat's larger events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate galas. From creating custom display pieces, food presentation, florals, costumes and décor, Deirdre works extensively with our sales managers and suppliers to create the most cohesive atmosphere for each and every event.

Most Memorable/Challenging Moments in Catering

A cottage on Lake Simcoe in which we've done many large events and there is always a challenge to face during set-up. The first year we catered an event there was the East Coast power outage. Next there was a tornado that touched down wrecking the tents and draping that was already set-up, and massive rain showers that were leaking under the sides of the tent onto the laminate floor we had just installed.

Favourite L-eat Dish

Beef "Poutine" main course. My Mom is French Canadian and therefore I have eaten my fair share of poutine. I love everything about this dish, the cheddar mashed potatoes and the pulled shortribs, as well as how whimsical and fun it is and of course the great response to the dish from clients and their guests.

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